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DVDs: Price
ABC of Yoga $25  SOLD OUT
Yoga Over 40 $25
Controlling Hip/Tummy $20
Back Fitness the Yoga Way $20 SOLD OUT
ABC of Natural Cooking $20
A Gentle Intro to Yoga (formerly ABC of Yoga) $30  SOLD OUT
The ABC of Yoga, Revised, Kindle e-Book Edition – Available through Amazon $10



ABC OF YOGA – this vintage video includes three complete Yoga work-outs of approximately 20 minutes each: Three of Kareen’s original TV-shows were edited by BCTV into a Yoga-video called:

  • Workout 1: Yoga for Beginners Basics of Fitness – This introduction to the practice of Yoga is safe and effective, no matter how old you may be. It instructs you in the proper technique, and informs you of benefits and the most important Do’s and Don’ts of effective Yoga practice.
  • Workout 2: Controlling Hip and Tummy Fat – Tips for Toning, Trimming and Stream-lining the figure – as you warm up, stretch, and hip-walk your way to a thinner, firmer look.
  • Workout 3: The Sun Salutations – The all-important Sun Salutations combine 12 of Yoga’s most basic, important and health-giving poses in smooth, wave-like sequences. Even if you practice only this one asana for your daily work-out, it will be more than enough.


YOGA OVER 40 – a video specially designed for anyone who is out of shape, aging, or inflexible. It is a gentle yet thorough workout, in which you are encouraged never to go further than YOU can, but in which the next level is demonstrated by Kareen at the same time.


CONTROLLING HIP & TUMMY – works well for men and women who want to trim off their “love handles”, tighten their tummies, and reign in their “saddle-bags”. Tones and firms the body all over.

BACK FITNESS THE YOGA WAY – is a superb little book for those who need to strengthen their back gently — as Kareen had to do after a catastrophic fall nearly 25 years ago when a bar, from which she was hanging in anti-gravity boots, broke. Everything she learned during a remarkable recovery that she attributes to Yoga (plus a gifted chiropractor and walking), has been passed on to the reader.

THE ABC of Natural Cooking – is a re-issue of Nutritious Recipes from Kareen’s Kitchen, to link the book to Kareen’s Yoga and Nutrition TV-show, as many of these recipes were done on the show. This second revised version includes 24 additional delectable, favourite, tried-true-recipes that have been newly included — several of them world-class gourmet-stuff.

The ABC of Yoga, Kareen Zebroff, first edition, 1979, vintage yoga book

Cover pic. is of a first edition. For illustration purposes only.

A GENTLE INTRODUCTION TO YOGA (formerly THE ABC OF YOGA) **ONLY AVAILABLE AS AN eBOOK THROUGH AMAZON** – which is a classic that has sold over a million-and-a-half copies in the last thirty-five years. It remains perennially popular because of its eminent readability, clarity and an innovative, yet simple, lay-out that has been much copied over the years.

One of the best popular Yoga books every written, The ABC of Yoga provides in each of its exercises: * easy, step-by-step instructions * the precise benefits to be derived from their practice * Do’s and Don’ts, and How-to Hints to consider. To this day, Kareen’s many former TV-students insist on looking for the original books in used-book stores when their own old copies have finally worn out because, amongst many other factors, they particularly like its coil-binding.

Remarkably, “The ABC of Yoga” book had climbed up to and held the #2 spot on the highly prestigious German magazine “Der Spiegel” best-seller list for all of 1974, right after Alexander Solzhenytsin’s famed “Gulag Archipelago”. As a result, Kareen was only the fifth woman during the intellectual magazine’s then 28-year history to become a cover-story — in the eminent company of Golda Meir and Indira Ghandi, as well as that of Marilyn Monroe and Vera Bruehne (a beautiful murderess).