Kareen Zebroff

Kareen: TV Personality & Cultural Influence

While Kareen’s yoga program was airing on Canadian and German airwaves for over a decade, it really is impossible to quantify the actual number of viewers that tuned in to watch her program regularly. Based on the 1,000 pieces of fan mail she received everyday however, it is fair to say that she reached hundreds of thousands daily.

TV in Canada & Germany at the time of Kareen’s Yoga

TV rabbit ears, vintage television antenna for top of TV set, At the time of course, our television spectrum was not nearly as fragmented as it is today. In many parts of Canada cable vision was not yet available, so viewers were restricted to the two or three channels that they could bring in on their TV’s rabbit ears, or through the big antenna mounted on the roof of their house.

In Germany the choices were also limited, with most households having reliable access to ARD, ZDF, as well as a regional network. In Germany, Kareen’s program aired on ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, which means Second German Television).

Kareen, with her tall stature; youthful good looks; and seemingly made-for-TV personality, was the right person; with the right message; in the right place; at the right time. And as the saying goes: The rest is television history.

Kareen’s continued presence in the media landscape today

If you were to Google Kareen Zebroff today, the amount of listings is quite remarkable. (Over 9500!) For a woman who has been out of the public eye for much of the last 2 decades, she has anything but a small Google footprint. In many ways this is not surprising, given what her contribution to yoga both in Canada and Germany have meant.

Given that Kareen still regularly gets emails from her fans, she thought it would be a nice idea to update everyone on what she has been doing for the last few years. No, Kareen hasn’t dropped out of the public eye altogether. As a matter fact, far from it.

Kareen is still a sought-after interview for magazines and TV, and she has had chapters dedicated to her in both academic and historical books on yoga. In short, Kareen has left, and continues to leave, her indelible mark on yoga both here in Canada, as well as in Germany.

Please note, this section of the site is presently under development. Kareen is currently going through her boxes of materials to come up with what she believes will be the most relevant for her readers. More content will be added in the next little while.