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Kareen Zebroff

Kareen Zebroff

A Television Pioneer of Yoga in Canada & Germany

Klassic Kareen

Klassic Kareen Zebroff: on television and in print The following photos were all chosen by Kareen herself, and represent various stages and aspects of her career. Circa 1970, Kareen’s Yoga promo from CHEK TV In...

The Books and So, So Much More

Books Vinyl Bildplatte DVDs e-Book Many know Kareen Zebroff for either the television show she had on TV in Canada and Germany, or for the books she has written on the subject. But did you...

Welcome to Kareen Zebroff.com

Hello. Welcome to the website of yogini, author, TV host, & lecturer, Kareen Zebroff. Kareen has had a website for quite a long time, but it was due for a major re-vamping to reflect current trends and technologies, but also to reflect on what she has accomplished in her distinguished career.

This site is, and continues to be a work in progress. I will be working together with Kareen to update and add to what is already here.

I sincerely hope you enjoy visiting this site, as much as Kareen and I have enjoyed putting it together for you.

In everything she has done in her life over the past 5 decades, one of the focuses has been on making things better: Better for her family and friends; better for her students; better for her viewers; better for her readers; better for anyone who is able to apply the lessons of yoga in their everyday lives.

Now, perhaps more than ever, yoga and meditation are very useful tools to have in order to navigate the increasingly stressful world we find ourselves in.

How Kareen’s Yoga Came To Be

My yoga story with TV shows in Canada & Germany By Kareen Zebroff I never took one proactive step toward my yoga career on television! My adventuresome mother had taken lessons early at a college...

Kareen: TV Personality & Cultural Influence

While Kareen’s yoga program was airing on Canadian and German airwaves for over a decade, it really is impossible to quantify the actual number of viewers that tuned in to watch her program regularly. Based...

A Fachwerkhaus in Windsbach, Bavaria

I had the opportunity to sit down with Kareen recently and have a conversation with her about some of the artwork I have seen hanging...
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Welcome to Kareen Zebroff.com & .ca

Hello. I'd like to take a moment and welcome you to kareenzebroff.com and kareenzebroff.ca . Both of these domains direct you to the brand new...
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Kareen Zebroff Featured In Academic Text

I have known Kareen Zebroff for over 30 years. I initially got to know her because I was friends with one of her daughters. Over...
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Our 6th Sense: Balance

By Kareen Zebroff Did you know that balance is really our 6th sense? Did you know that our miraculous human biology includes several more senses...
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