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Many know Kareen Zebroff for either the television show she had on TV in Canada and Germany, or for the books she has written on the subject. But did you know that she and her husband used other media forms to spread the message and teachings of yoga?

Enjoy this trip down memory lane as we take a look at some of the Klassic Kareen publications.


Hard copy books were of course where this all started. The following collage is a small sampling of the many books Kareen has written over the years, which have been translated into 14 languages. Besides English, the languages included below are: Polish, Georgian, Dutch, German, French, and Spanish.

Kareen Zebroff, collage of yoga books, 19 colourful book covers on kraft-coloured paper

Some of the best-known books and a brief description that Kareen provided for some

NB: Many of these have gone into multiple printings, and editions. Not all covers are depicted.

The ABC of Yoga

The book that started it all.

A classic that has sold over a million-and-a-half copies in multiple languages. It remains perennially popular because of its eminent readability, clarity and an innovative, yet simple, lay-out that has been much copied over the years. The languages the ABC of Yoga was published in include: English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Finnish, Portuguese, Czech, Latvian/Russian, Swedish, Hungarian, Slovakian, Danish, and Norwegian.

One of the best popular Yoga books every written, The ABC of Yoga provides in each of its exercises: 1. Easy, step-by-step instructions; 2. The precise benefits to be derived from their practice; 3. Do’s and Don’ts, and How-to Hints to consider.

To this day, Kareen’s many former TV-students insist on looking for the original books in used-bookstores when their own old copies have finally worn out because, amongst many other factors, they particularly like its coil-binding.

Remarkably, The ABC of Yoga book had climbed up to and held the #2 spot on the highly prestigious German magazine “Der Spiegel” best-seller list for all of 1974, right after Alexander Solzhenytsin’s famed Gulag Archipelago. As a result, Kareen was only the fifth woman during the intellectual magazine’s then 28-year history to become a cover-story — in the eminent company of Golda Meir and Indira Ghandi, as well as that of Marilyn Monroe and Vera Brühne.

A Gentle Introduction To Yoga (formerly the abc of yoga)
Controlling Hip and Tummy Fat Through Yogactivity


Works well for men and women who want to trim off their “love handles”, tighten their tummies, and reign in their “saddle-bags”. Tones and firms the body all over.

Back Fitness The Yoga Way

This is a superb little book for those who need to strengthen their back gently — as Kareen had to do after a catastrophic fall years ago when a bar, from which she was hanging in anti-gravity boots, broke. Everything she learned during a remarkable recovery that she attributes to Yoga (plus a gifted chiropractor and walking), has been passed on to the reader.

Nutritious Recipes from Kareen’s Kitchen

This book was a link to Kareen’s Yoga and Nutrition TV show. Many of the recipes featured in this book were prepared by Kareen on the show.

THE ABC of Natural Cooking (Reissue of Nutritious Recipes from Kareen’s Kitchen)


This second revised version includes 24 additional delectable, favourite, tried-true-recipes that have been newly included — several of them world-class gourmet-stuff.

Yoga and Nutrition
Beauty Through Yoga

This popular title was published in 6 languages, and dealt with the 4 subjects of: exercise, diet/weight loss, natural beauty-care, and meditation. Beauty through Yoga sold over 250,000 copies.

Yoga With Your Children

This book is excellent for parents and teachers. It was translated into 6 languages, and has close to 180,000 copies.

Yoga For Kids
Fitness Over Forty: the Yoga Way
Fit Bleiben Beim Fliegen: 29 Yoga-Übungen für die Zeit im Flugzeug (Staying Fit While Flying)

The first edition of this book was published in 2001, and was available in German and English. It was made available to passengers who flew on Lufthansa (Germany’s national airline).

Fit Bleiben Beim Fliegen shows yoga poses and gives general advice on how to prevent DVTs while travelling by plane, train, car, or bus for longer periods than 8 hours. It also gives nutritional, and other travelling advice.


For anyone old enough to remember LPs the first time around, you will likely know that records were a staple for getting high-quality audio recordings out to the masses.

In the 1970s, Kareen was popular enough that a total of 4 different recordings of her yoga exercises were released (three in German and one in English). LPs were ideal for this, since they allowed for copious liner notes, which featured illustrated directions to each of the exercises.

Gesundheitsmagazin 5
Yoga Für Alle I: Von Und Mit Kareen Zebroff

Label: EMI Electrola – 1 C062-29 540
Series: Gesundheitsmagazin – 5
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: Germany
Released: 1974
Genre: Non-Music
Style: Therapy

Track Title Duration
A1 Einleitung 1:57
A2 Rock ‘n Roll 2:14
A3 Roll Twist 2:01
A4 Einleitung Tiefenatmung 0.53
A5 Durchführung Tiefenatmung 2:54
A6 Rumpfbeuge 4:00
A7 Nackenrollen 3:08
A8 Beckenstreckung 2:54
A9 Pflug 4:51
A10 Ausklang 1:26
Track Title Duration
B1 Einleitung 1:24
B2 Der Brustexpander 3:20
B3 Der Berg 2:16
B4 Die Kerze 4:22
B5 Die Cobra 3:52
B6 Das Aufsetzen 2:27
B7 Der Schwamm 7:55
B8 Ausklang 0:42

Source: discogs.com

Gesundheitsmagazin 6
Yoga Für Alle II: Von Und Mit Kareen Zebroff

Label: EMI Electrola – 1 C062-29 541
Series: Gesundheitsmagazin – 6
Vinyl, LP
Country: Germany
Released: 1974
Genre: Non-Music
Style: Therapy

Track Title Duration
A1 Einleitung Mit Musik 1:57
A2 Der Springbrunnen 2:42
A3 Die Kühlende Atmung 2:54
A4 Der Schulterstand Mit Variationen 5:26
A5 Der Fisch 2:54
A6 Knie- U. Schenkelrock U. Hüftgang 2:49
A7 Der Twist 4:47
A8 Ausklang 0:32
Track Title Duration
B1 Einleitung Mit Musik 0:50
B2 Gruß An Die Sonne 6:34
B3 Lotussitz Und Tiefenatmung 6:36
B4 Kopfstandversuch 4:54
B5 Der Bogen 2:46
B6 Das Zusammengerollte Blatt 2:54
B7 Ausklang 0:54

Source: discogs.com

Jetzt Machen Sie Und Ich Yoga Zusammen! Yoga Von Und Mit Kareen Zebroff

Herstellungsland: Deutschland
Veröffentlichungs-Jahr: 1974
Zeit: 98:31
Plattenfirma/Katalog-Nr.: Hörzu / Electrola-Gesellschaft mbH Köln / 1 C 152-29 580/81
Musikrichtung Sonstiges: Spoken Word

Source: musik-sammler.de

Kareen’s Yoga: Kareen Zebroff TV Yoga Instructor

Label: N/A
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP
Country: Canada
Released: Circa 1975
Manufactured By:  Imperial Record Corp. Ltd.
Engineer:  Simon Garber
Narrator: Kareen Zebroff, TV yoga instructor.
Recorded at:  Aragon Recorders
*Side 1 and 4 on one disc. Side 2 and 3 on the other. Gatefold cover

Track # Side 1 – A Track # Side 2 – B Track # Side 3 – C Track # Side 4
A1 Rock And Rolls B1 Triangle Pose C1 Chest Expander D1 Heel Stretch
A2 Complete Breath B2 Toe Twist C2 Alternate Nostril Breath D2 The Blade
A3 Should Stand B3 Perfect Posture C3 The Plough D3 The Bow
A4 The Fish B4 Neck Rolls C4 The Camel D4 The Lion
A5 For Bend Sitting B5 The Cobra C5 Forward Bend Standing D5 The Sit Up
A6 Knees To Side B6 Curling Leaf C6 Crossed Knee Bend D6 The Sponge

Source: discogs.com

As I was Googling materials for this new website, I came across a wonderful surprise. Someone had taken the time to convert this particular LP from its original analogue version to a digital version and uploaded it to YouTube.


Die wichtigen 10 Minuten für Ihre Gesundheit
Yoga für jeden: mit Kareen Zebroff

Before the advent of the laser disc, and even before VHS tapes, TED-discs and players were available in Germany. TED was an acronym for “TElevision Disc”, and the discs themselves were produced in Germany by  Teldec-Intertel, Telefunken-Decca.

These TED-discs had the following characteristics:

  • They measured 21cm across.
  • They were able to hold a maximum of 10 minutes of combined audio and video.
  • A diamond-headed needle was used to to play the disc, much like an analogue record would be.
  • The disc rotated 45 times faster than a record. The TED-disc rotation speed was 1500 rotations per minute.1

Kareen and her husband Peter were on leading edge of technology at the time, and produced the Bildplatte shown here.

When I spoke to Peter about this about 10 years ago, he wasn’t sure anymore how many of these were manufactured, nor how many were sold.

If anyone ever finds one of these in an attic or record collection anywhere, it really is a collector’s item!


ABC of Yoga

This vintage video includes three complete Yoga work-outs of approximately 20 minutes each: Three of Kareen’s original TV-shows were edited by BCTV into a Yoga-video called:

  • Workout 1: Yoga for Beginners Basics of Fitness – This introduction to the practice of Yoga is safe and effective, no matter how old you may be. It instructs you in the proper technique, and informs you of benefits and the most important Do’s and Don’ts of effective Yoga practice.
  • Workout 2: Controlling Hip and Tummy Fat – Tips for Toning, Trimming and Stream-lining the figure – as you warm up, stretch, and hip-walk your way to a thinner, firmer look.
  • Workout 3: The Sun Salutations – The all-important Sun Salutations combine 12 of Yoga’s most basic, important and health-giving poses in smooth, wave-like sequences. Even if you practice only this one asana for your daily work-out, it will be more than enough.
Yoga Over Forty

A video specially designed for anyone who is out of shape, aging, or inflexible. It is a gentle yet thorough workout, in which you are encouraged never to go further than you can, but in which the next level is demonstrated by Kareen at the same time.


The ABC of Yoga (Revised)

Like Kareen has done for 5 decades now, she is keeping current, and stays abreast of new technology. With her foray into the e-Book, she remains an important and influential voice in yoga, and has gained new fans in the process.

The new, revised, e-version of The ABC of Yoga is available through Amazon.

1 Source: de.wikipedia.org