Kareen Zebroff

Klassic Kareen

Klassic Kareen Zebroff: on television and in print

The following photos were all chosen by Kareen herself, and represent various stages and aspects of her career.

The cover of Der Spiegel January 27, 1975

During the 1970s, Kareen Zebroff was the undisputed champion of the airwaves when it came to yoga—both in her native Germany, and in her adopted home of Canada. Her first book, The ABC of Yoga, had climbed up to and held the #2 spot on the highly prestigious German magazine Der Spiegel best-seller list for all of 1974, right after Alexander Solzhenytsin’s famed Gulag Archipelago.

As a result, Kareen was only the fifth woman during the intellectual magazine’s then, 28-year history, to become a cover-story, thereby joining the company of Golda Meir, Indira Ghandi, Marilyn Monroe, as well as Vera Brühne.

Included here is a PDF of Der Spiegel article. Yes, it is in German.