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Hello there, dear faithful viewers and readers who have found your way here. Welcome!   :D

Alas, I’ve got to confess that I’ve been away from the website for a couple of years, but am now back with vigour and enthusiasm—and so much wiser. It is for that reason and many others that I love being “old”! One has learned so much from the vagaries of one’s life.

It is said that there is no good or bad in our brief sojourn on earth—only a learning situation set-up. But lately it had seemed, as the Queen said, that we were having an “annus horribilis”, or two.

Until, that is, equanimity returned in the form of deep meditation, and soothing psyche self-talk that is highly effective. (More on that technique later).

My long online absence had resulted, in part, from three significant losses—including my beloved older sister Irmi in Munich, and two wonderful old friends.

There had also been several, what one can only call, such ‘utterly ridiculous’ disasters—like:  exploding toilets; a flood that required a move to Surrey; and a car-crash—that one can only laugh!

For, in the end, everything turned out to have been “Glück im Unglück” (good luck within bad), and each event had a silver-lining—something which one can only appreciate in retrospect, of course.

But, so as not to sin through the lie of omission, I must also admit to having “been away” from my website, because of a big issue with a possible “loss of privacy” on the Internet—no doubt due to my vast electronic ignorance. (I can’t bring myself to write on Facebook, either, though I do try to keep tabs on my friends and relatives, that way.)

Two other factors have kept me happily busy. One is that of being the “chatelaine” of my marvelous extended family; and the other is being the lucky receiver of lovely “echos” from so many of YOU!

For your very kind words online, and in your hard copy letters, as well as with your book/CD orders in the mail, I offer you my heart-felt thanks of appreciation. Namasté!

Love, light, and many, many blessings.



PS: The Vancouver Courier interviewed me in October 2013. Please read “Yoga icon still limber after all these years”, if you’re curious to see what I had to say.

And to see the latest goings-on, please check out my blog.

15 Responses to “Welcome To Kareen Zebroff.com”

  • Dear Kareen,

    I was 10 years old, when my father brought home your book “Yoga für Jeden” – in the year of 1973? Now I’m 47 years old and started my first yoga exercise in December last year.
    First with some Ursula Karven DVDs, on Monday I started at Yogaschule München.
    I always remembered your book, it was something absolutely new in those former days and something really “exoctic” in our library. And now I am so pleased and happy, to find your site via google and see, that you are so well!

    So I just want to send you all my kindest regards, with a lot of respect to you and your work! You really were a pioneer!!

    Namaste (from Munich)
    Martina Henrici

  • Jochen Esser:

    Hello Kareen, that site is very nice.
    Starting with the eye-catcher of Zebra with flamingos ins the back – super!
    Also nice picture of you as an camera-woman. I know that you can make very good pictures ;-)
    I have now idea how to make a website. So you are very modern also in that work, fine!
    Best wishes from Germany,
    Yours Jochen

  • Nancy Ince:

    Hello Kareen,

    Wow! How exciting for you to have this opportunity.

    I am very glad to find you here. I was looking at your previous website (?) or info online last year. This new website is looking to be very promising, I must say.

    Anyway, Kareen, I watched you faithfully on TV in the 1970’s and did your workout each evening at home. We have three sons and your Yoga certainly helped me with keeping fit, as well as sane and calm! Thank you!!

    I have done Yoga on and off over the years, but I am now ready to get back at it more seriously again.

    Since I found you to be most inspiritional for me, I have just come online to look you up and see what DVD’s you have on the go. I will browse now and I am sooooo glad you are here.

    I read about your fall from hanging upside down on a door in your home. Hope you have been able to have a full recovery.

    Best wishes to you for a most successful website and I will watch as you progress in this venture.


    Nancy Ince
    Lion’s Head, ON

  • Janice Houldsworth:

    Hello Kareen:

    Well, it has been since 1970 when I first started your yoga at home before my 2 children were born in 1975 and 1978. Over the years your ABC book keeps coming out and my built routine helps me through some difficult times…now 60, out comes your book again! I am going to see if you have a dvd so I can get more enthused in the mornings to get into the habit again. Saw you on Youtube and you look amazing – yoga truly is one of the best things you can do for yourself and I want to thank you for introducing me to it at an early age and something I can do with any condition, well into my old age. Blessings and keep on!

    Janice Houldsworth
    The Kootenays, BC

  • Sherry:

    Hi Kareen!
    I am a fit 45+. Always been into fitness, but just recently have decided to give yoga a try. My great aunt passed away a few years ago at the grand age of 96! I remember her when I was little standing on her head! I used to think she was kind of kooky to tell you the truth! (she was rather eccentric in other ways too!) Anyways, when she passed, the thing I kept was 2 of your yoga books from the 70’s! THey are so helpful. Definitely different from what information is out there, but still the same in many ways. Gotta love those 70’s workout gear!

  • Lovely site Kareen. Ever since I wrote an article on my blog “Thoughts on Yoga” I’ve been giving you credit for starting me on my Yoga journey. I still can remember practicing on front of the carpet, in front of the TV, watching and listening to you as you went through your TV Yoga routing. I have very fond memories of this. I can even remember the gentle meditative music you played. Congratulations on your new web site – it looks great.

    If any of your readers want to check out my little blog article it’s here.

    BTW – the zebra a nice touch. Good luck with the new site and thanks for all you’ve done for me and thousands of others over the years . . ./John

  • April:

    Namaste…so happy to find you here…I have fond yoga memories of you growing up in Nakusp and Revelstoke following along side my mom in front of the TV. I continue to practice in Calgary and will refer to Kareens yoga as my first Yogic experience. Thank you!

  • Kelly Goodrich:

    Hi Karen, I just found your website and it looks great, I love the zebra, and the photo of you as photographer. You look fantastic! Your ABC’s of yoga book got me started with yoga years ago. I no longer have the book but sure wish I did. I want to do yoga on a more regular basis but I can’t ever seem to stick to something. Thank you for your instruction in yoga, meditation and breathing. Good luck with learning new technology.

    Namaste, love, and blessings. Kelly.

  • Gail H. Skidmore:

    Good morning, Kareen!
    I have two of your books, The ABC of Yoga and Yoga and Nutrition.
    They have stayed very close to me over the years through moving around and even taken on long trips.
    I Googled your name this morning and was thrilled to see your website and hear you speak.
    Thank you so much for nudging me onto the path of Yoga and great health.
    Your gift to present this beautiful lifestyle is remarkable. Your thrill for Yoga is evident and contagious.
    Many blessings and wishes for a bountiful life are sent to you today.
    Thank you. Sincerely, Gail H. Skidmore

  • Jonathon Pallone:

    Hello Kareen, I was musing through an old program of a show that you and I were in a few years ago. Carol Munro directed called “Bedroom Farce”. We played at the PLAYROOM in Maple Ridge, but for the life of me I can’t remember what year it was. I do remember that we had great fun doing it and the audience was most receptive. I am happy to note your success in the field of “Wellness”. I plan to get one of your books soon so I can catch up. I was Ben Thomas playing Malcolm in the show with Molly O’Dell as my wife Kate. I am out of hiding now and travel by the name of Jonathon Pallone. Looking forward to your continued success. Congratulations… Jonathon Pallone.

  • Hallo Kareen,
    ich habe Sie in den 70er Jahren so oft wie nur möglich im zdf gesehen. Ich war so begeistert, dass ich bis heute von Ihren Übungen “zehre”, das heißt, ich habe Ihr Buch immer präsent (es ist äußerlich nicht mehr ganz frisch). Leider gibt es bei mir immer wieder lange Pausen, in denen ich einfach nicht konsequent bin. Ich bin 61 Jahre, und es gibt so manche “Baustellen” im und am Körper. Aber bei allem was uns auf dem Büchermarkt angeboten wird, “Yoga für Yeden” ist für meine Verhältnisse unerreicht!
    Vielen Dank und liebe Grüße

  • Karen Redden:

    Hello Kareen: It is so wonderful to finally be able to communicate with you after so many years—-the internet is amazing for sure, for sure.

    I will never forget your daily t.v. show, that was how I started my mornings on summer vacation and other hollidays while I was a school student in the 1970’s. I so admired you and how you did the poses and vowed that I, myself–would one day do the same—-I can do them better now than I used to, although there are still some that I still have difficulty with even after all this time, but I will just keep working at it and not give up.

    I loved your show dearily and felt badly when it was over for the day, if only they had v.c.r.’s back then I would have recored it while in school and watched it afterward–you really made me feel good about myself and that was something very difficult to do with me was make me feel good about myself.

    I wish you all the best and that your show was still on t.v. but anyhow, so wonderful to leave you a message.

    Take Care. Karen R. Redden.

  • Hello:Kareen

    It is so wonderful to finally be able to send you a message after all these years—-I used to enjoy watching your show and of course doing the yoga poses along with you.

    You always made me feel so good about myself, and that was something that was very difficult to do with me as a teenage girl that I was at the time.

    I started my day on summer vacation and on other holidays by doing your show along with you–if there had only been v.c.r.s at that time I would have recorded your show and watched when I came home from school.

    I thank-you for the wonderful days of t.v. and wish you all the best and God Bless.

    Karen Reddem

  • marc:

    Still baking your fab raisin cake…thanks

  • Yeah…. So great to see you online and that you are still doing your amazing work! I remember that my sister and I were in your kids yoga book years ago! Congrats with all your endeavours! I was also glad to see that you are involved in the arts and the Roundhouse in Vancouver! Best wishes, Lycia

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