Welcome to Kareen Zebroff.com & .ca

Welcome to Kareen Zebroff.com & .ca

black and white sketch drawing, woman sitting in the lotus position, sitting in front of a rectangular box depicting a TV screen, Kareen Zebroff's former logo Hello. I’d like to take a moment and welcome you to kareenzebroff.com and kareenzebroff.ca . Both of these domains direct you to the brand new website of yogini, author, TV host, and lecturer, Kareen Zebroff.

If you were familiar with the old site, you will see some familiar things, but also there are quite a few new items as well. Furthermore, I am currently working with Kareen to add more content to it. Lately she has been going through a lot of her old materials and has found some real treasures that we will be uploading for you to enjoy as well.

Check back occasionally to see when the new materials and resources have been added. If you have followed her work over the years, you are bound to like what we have in store for you. Also, if you would like to reach Kareen, please use the Contact Page. Thank you.

On behalf of Kareen, I would like to thank you for your continued support and interest. Kareen is always pleased to read the emails that arrive.

Her career has spanned multi-generations, and influenced the lives of tens of thousands. She always finds it wonderful to hear from people who have found her work helpful to them on their yoga journey.


Kareen’s long-time web assistant & family friend

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